Socialist union calls for a general strike on 2 October

Socialist union calls for a general strike on 2 October
Robert Verteneuil

The Flemish Socialist union ABVV chairman, Robert Verteneuil, called for a national strike on 2 October, as reported by Le Soir today. The labour deal, the demanding jobs and pension reform are the main reasons for this call to strike, he says.

“We make decisions together at the ABVV. Our federal secretariat consists of around 200 representatives. It will decided by this body, and I will urge a general strike,” says Vertenueil. “Why on October 2? On that day there are already separate trade union actions planned and there is a strike notice. We can transform this into a general strike,”  explains Verteneuil

Verteneuil will also argue the case with the ACV “because I am for a common front.” The national board of the ACV meets again for the first time after the summer vacation.

The ABVV did not want to comment further on Monday, pending a meeting of the federal office of the trade union Tuesday.

Arthur Rubinstein
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