Facebook has 7.3 million users in Belgium

Facebook has 7.3 million users in Belgium
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Facebook had no fewer than 7.3 million users in 2018, while Instagram had 3.2 million, according to figures from the two social networks, conveyed to Belgian advertisers. The figures come from Chris Demeyere of Punchline, an agency that advises companies on advertising on social media.

“According to Facebook, between six million and seven million people are active on Facebook monthly. There are 7.3 million Facebook accounts all told in Belgium,” Demeyere explained. “That does not take into account the language or active status of the accounts.”

Some 3.2 million people are active on Instagram in Belgium.

However, Twitter does not give advertisers figures by country or language. “Twitter is always quite active and has many users,” Demeyere said. “We estimate users in Belgium at many hundreds of thousands.”

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