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Balaclava wearing exhibitionist harasses Flemish town


A half-naked man wearing a balaclava mask exposed himself to two teenage girls in Kontich – near Antwerp – while they cycled home on Friday night, according to reports.

Alessia Charlier (17) and Sarah Sitarski (17) were cycling home on Friday evening at about 10 PM when the half-naked man appeared in their path, reports Het Nieuwsblad.

Suddenly I saw a slightly older, wider man wearing a balaclava and pleasing himself by the side of the road, said Charlier. That was a bit of a shock, but I did not feel in danger at that moment. So we laughed it off, she added.

A few kilometres further on, however, the girls saw him again while passing along a deserted forest road.

Here he was again satisfying himself, says Charlier. I think he was deliberately standing under the lamp post because then he knew for sure that we would see him, she added.

Originally the plan was that I would only cycle through this path, says Sitarski. If I had been alone here, it might have ended differently. That’s why it’s crucial that people cycle in groups, she added.

The police are now looking for the perpetrator, who is believed to be connected with two other incidents of a similar nature in the area.

According to the girls, the exhibitionist is a smaller, plump man with probably brown eyes.

The Brussels Times