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Ghent will ban most polluting cars from the city centre

Stad Gent
Stad Gent

Old, polluting vehicles will not be allowed to enter Ghent’s inner city anymore, starting from 1 January 2020.

In an announcement on Wednesday the city announced a list of vehicles which will still be allowed to enter the city centre without restrictions and which ones will be limited, and which will be banned on Tuesday evening. They also announced a bonus for owners who are disposing of their old cars that will no longer be allowed to enter the city.

Whether or not a car can enter the low emission zone depends on the Euronorm of the vehicle, which can be found on the registration certificate. For cars with petrol or natural gas, the Euronorm must be at least 2, cars using diesel fuel must comply with Euronorm 5.

Vehicles are divided into three categories. The green category consists of 75% of all cars in Belgium, and will have no issues entering the city of Ghent.

9 to 12-year-old cars using diesel fuel fall into the orange category. They are only temporarily allowed into the city, but have to pay an admission rate. The rates vary between 25 euros for one week and 345 euros for a year.

The red category is for vehicles that are too old to comply with the standards. Eight times a year, they can receive a day pass for 35 euros per day.

Smart cameras at the edge of the low emission zone will monitor every vehicle that passes.Any banned cars which enter the zone will be fined 150 euros.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times