Belgium to finish 20th in Eurovision, says algorithm

Belgium to finish 20th in Eurovision, says algorithm
Winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, Netta for Israel.EuroVisionary

Dance Direct, leading dancewear retailer in the UK and Europe, created an algorithm to predict the winner of the Eurovision song contest winner of 2019. Dance Direct used a combination of their own research methods, along with Spotify and Eurovision data from 2012 up until now to create an algorithm based on which factors make the ‘perfect’ Eurovision song.

The algorithm is based on how well each song performs on six criteria. Beats per minute (tempo of the song), danceability, the energy of the song, loudness, mood, and the number of words in the song all have an impact on the final score.

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Singing in an imaginary language, or a mix of English and your native language, has turned out well in the past. Men usually score higher than women, and solo acts do better than groups. Performances that get awarded points by Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands are most likely to be the eventual winner each year, according to Dance Direct.

If the prediction for this year is correct, the Netherlands will win the contest, followed by Italy and Sweden. Belgium will finish in 20th place, according to the algorithm.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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