Belgian corruption cases are not investigated

Belgian corruption cases are not investigated
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Belgian police services fighting fraud and corruption are not producing results, so much so that several forms of corruption are not even being investigated, according to an internal police report. The report singles out federal magistrate Geert Schoorens for the way in which the Central Office for the Repression of Corruption (OCRC) has been functioning in previous years. There was insufficient staff and the management left a lot to be desired, reported Het Laatste Nieuws.
Many corruption cases are not being dealt with due to an incapacity to handle the files. “Private sector corruption was completely sidelined in 2015,” the report observed. Other forms of corruption also had free rein because of a lack of investigators to look into them.
The Commissioner-General Marc De Mesmaeker understood the difficulties within the anti-corruption services. He is calling on the next government to establish a new recruitment policy to solve the problem.
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