Flanders tests new 3D pedestrian crossings

Flanders tests new 3D pedestrian crossings

Authorities in Flanders unveiled new tridimensional crossings as part of a trial study on their efficacy to increase the visibility of crossing pedestrians.

Through the use of different colors, highlighters and markings, the new crossings will create an optical illusion, and will appear to be floating above the road to any approaching vehicle.

During the trial phase, traffic authorities will use cameras to study car-pedestrian interactions, and to monitor crossing habits and how vehicles react to them.

Flemish mobility minister, Ben Weyts, said that the tridimensional crossings acted "excellent" regulators of traffic around schools.

If the results of the the pilot project are successful, more tridimensional crossings could be rolled out in other places in Flanders.

The 3D zebra paths were installed in Beersel, Bilzen and Antwerp on roads where both vehicle traffic and pedestrian crossings are affluent due to their proximity to commercial zones.

In a similar study, the Brussels municipality of Schaerbeek unveiled its own 3D zebra crossing in 2017.

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