After a weekend of damage, more thunderstorms expected Monday

After a weekend of damage, more thunderstorms expected Monday
This is the second time in a month that the emergency number has been activated. Credit: © Belga

After a weekend of damage caused by storm Miguel, the weather is again expected to take a turn for the worse on Monday evening, announced the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI).

By Monday afternoon, more and more cumulus clouds are expected to develop across Belgium. Showers, sometimes intense and locally accompanied by storms, will break out, according to reports.

In the evening, local showers or even thunderstorms have been predicted to strike the country once again.

The weather is expected to calm again during the night, with some mists and fog banks forming in places.

Weekend Damage

On Saturday emergency services received no less than 1,575 calls from citizens to the number 1722 to report damage related to the storm, the spokesperson of the Directorate General of Civil Security FPS Interior, Ophélie Boffa, told the Belga agency.

The province of Antwerp reported the most problems, with 302 calls. Next highest was the province of Limburg (285 calls), then East Flanders (276 calls), Flemish Brabant (170 calls) and West Flanders (128 calls).

In Wallonia, the Hainaut telephone exchange was the most requested, with 191 calls, followed by the provinces of Liège (92 calls), Namur (66 calls) and Luxembourg (10 calls).

The Brussels-Capital region received 55 calls.

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