Murder-suicide apparent cause of Belgian family’s death in Switzerland

Murder-suicide apparent cause of Belgian family’s death in Switzerland
Downtown Apples, a Swiss town near lake Geneva where a Belgian family was found dead in their home. Credit: Google Street View

Swiss police are investigating an apparent murder-suicide following the discovery of a farewell letter in the home of a Belgian family found dead inside at the start of the week, according to reports on Thursday.

Authorities are still trying to confirm the authenticity of the letter, reportedly left by the father, after police on Monday found his lifeless body alongside the body of his wife and of their 13-year-old son in their home in the town of Apples.

In the letter, the 44-year-old Belgian national, who was an executive at a pharmaceutical company in Switzerland, said that “life was no longer bearable.”

“He changed companies last year and he didn’t like it,” Jean-Marie Ruede, a representative of the local prosecutor’s office told Swiss daily 24Heures.

Since no firearms were found in the house and authorities said that the bodies had no traces of injuries, the working theory is that of a drug overdose.

“He had been on leave for a moment: maybe he had substances at his disposal that could explain his suicide,” Ruede added.

The family, originally from Nivelles, to the south of Brussels, had been living in Apples, near the Lake of Geneva, for the past seven years.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

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