King Philippe calls for 'real open dialogue'

King Philippe calls for 'real open dialogue'
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King Philippe said he is aware of the challenges politicians face while doing their day-to-day job during his National Day speech on Saturday. 

“We need to rise up and meet these challenges with courage and determination. These challenges are so complicated and so linked it will require intense cooperation at all levels to solve them,” said the King, while calling for “real open dialogue.” 

The King said “the citizens expressed themselves in diverse ways” in the recent elections on 26 May. However, they all want “politicians to focus on the same issues: employment, climate, poverty and immigration.” 

Federal and regional negotiations (with the exception of Brussels) are still undergoing, but the King wants to see them resolved “without delay” and for cooperation. 

“Open dialogue means wanting to understand the others convictions and choices, even if we disagree with them. It’s making the other party feel you need them, with no exceptions. It means avoiding lies and hurtful words,” said the King. 

Real dialogue means “dealing with complexity by cultivating nuances and looking for complementarity,” he added. “Having one coordinated plan and open dialogue lets you handle issues like the climate, employment, mobility, energy, education and training more efficiently.”  

“Our diversity and complementarity are our strengths. That’s how the world sees us and that’s what is expected of us. It is in our nature even if we are not aware of it. We should be proud of it and use it to inspire new ambition within our country,” he stated.  

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