Avoid Saturday if you’re going on vacation, Touring recommends
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Avoid Saturday if you’re going on vacation, Touring recommends

Credit: Belga

Touring is urging travellers to avoid hitting the road on Saturday as they head for their holiday destinations.

Traffic will be heavy this weekend, as it has been since the start of the holiday season, but roads will be most congested on Saturday, coded red throughout Europe, the mobility organisation warned on Monday.

In Belgium, departing traffic will be dense, with a risk of traffic jams from Friday afternoon through Friday evening and on Saturday morning.

In France, Germany and Switzerland, Friday has been coded orange for departures, which means traffic will be somewhat difficult.

The worst day for driving will be Saturday, coded red, with peak hours lasting from 09.00 a.m. to 03.00 p.m.

More and more people are returning from vacation, so traffic will also experience snags in that direction. In Belgium queues are to be expected on Sunday night.

Friday will not be too busy to return home, since traffic on that day is coded yellow. Saturday will be orange in France and in Switzerland, so traffic jams are to be expected. Elsewhere, traffic will be heavy but fluid.

On Sunday, traffic will also be dense but without snags. This applies to both outgoing and returning traffic.

Touring thus recommends that holidaymakers leave home on Sunday, or from Saturday at noon. For those returning home, Friday and Sunday are their best bet.

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