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Namur opens rest spots to help public deal with the heat

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Due to the red alert issued by the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI), the City of Namur has decided to make six new places accessible to all citizens from 10:00 AM to 20:00.

Air-conditioned or naturally cool, the locations are intended to provide shelter and access to water for people suffering from the heat.

The new places accessible to the population are Saint-Aubain Cathedral (centre), Sainte-Julienne Church (Salzinnes), Notre-Dame de Beauraing Church (Jambes), Moulin-à-vent Church (Bouge), Sainte-Croix Church and Saint-Joseph des Peti tes Soeurs des Pauvres Home (Saint-Servais).

They complement the existing system, which includes the Maison des citoyens, the Harscamp cultural centre (centre), the Tabora centre (Salzinnes) and the Octave Henry hall (Saint-Servais). Four rest homes also welcome citizens who so wish: La Closière (Saint-Servais), Les Chardonnerets (Jambes), Le Grand Pré (Wépion) and Saint-Joseph (Temploux).

The opening of the buildings to the public will continue until at least Friday.

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