Expect congested roads this weekend, Touring warns

Expect congested roads this weekend, Touring warns
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Roads will be packed this weekend, both for people going on vacation and for those returning home, according to forecasts issued on Monday by Touring.

The mobility organisation advises would-be holidaymakers to set out on Sunday.

For those returning to Belgium on Friday, there will be little problem. Traffic is coded green in that direction. On the other hand, people travelling to places like France, Germany or Switzerland will have to be patient. Traffic will be a bit difficult, with some traffic jams (coded orange).

On Saturday, whether leaving or coming back, parents are likely to field the nagging question from their children: “When will we arrive?”. The day will be coded red in both directions and even black in the southwest of France, in the southerly direction. In Germany, traffic will be less dense (orange). Touring forecasts traffic jams between 09.00 a.m. and 05.00 p.m.

On Sunday, people travelling to or leaving France will be the lucky ones. They will enjoy fluid traffic except for those bound for or coming back from the Rhone Valley, coded orange on Sunday. Departures and returns are coded orange in Germany and Switzerland on Sunday.

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