App offers car pooling service for school lifts in Belgium 

App offers car pooling service for school lifts in Belgium 
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An app by a Belgian company aims to ease the burden of the morning school lift on parents by improving carpooling services and creating a community of trusted drivers.

Koalift works through schools and sports centres choosing to use the application and selecting the parent-drivers themselves. Working with an interactive map, registered parent-drivers enter their route and their departure time, after which parents and parent-drivers communicate through an online chat system.

The total cost to use the app amounts to 300 euros per year. This fee is paid for by the school or sports centre, with no user fee for the parents.

“Our partner schools and clubs have to take the initiative to create a community. Once parents are interested, they must register, and it’s the school’s directory that accepts their application or not. This prevents strangers or people outside the network from being on the platform,” added Camille De Bruyn, co-founder of Koalift, reported New Mobility.

“We offer our services to schools and sports clubs to provide a mobility solution that inspires confidence among parents,” explained De Bruyn.

Koalift currently has 500 users, a number which the company hopes to double in 2019.

Evie McCullough
The Brussels Times

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