Islamic school in Genk does not receive provisional recognition

Islamic school in Genk does not receive provisional recognition

Selam College, an Islamic school planning to open its doors in September, has not received provisional recognition.

This was decided on Friday by Flemish Education Minister Hilde Crevits on the basis of the education inspection opinion and of a competent governmental agency’s proposal. 

The school has sparked controversy in recent months in Genk. The Belgian Islamic Federation, that has ties with Milli-Goru, the Turkish Islamic movement, wants to establish an Islamic institution, a project that had quickly sparked opposition from the N-VA and Vlaams Belang parties. 

At the request of education inspection, State Security conducted a survey on Lectio, the association that had applied for recognition of the school.

Their conclusion was then submitted to Minister Crevits, and revealed that the school does not meet a number of conditions for recognition.

Schools must respect, for example, the Belgian Constitution, as well as international treaties, particularly those relating to human rights, and to those of children. 

"The report submitted by the education inspection states that Selam College does not satisfy this condition.

The report's conclusion was reached on the input obtained from Belgian state security.

The education services agency also concluded that the recognition cannot be authorized," Crevits explained.

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