Pairi Daiza launches call to name giant panda twins

Pairi Daiza launches call to name giant panda twins
Credit: Pairi Daiza NL/Facebook

The Pairi Daiza Zoo is calling on members of the public to help pick the names for the twin set of giant panda cubs born there in the summer.

In a Facebook post, the zoo announced that it was launching a survey to allow citizens to help pick the names of the two cubs, born in the zoo on 8 August.

The birth of the twins was celebrated as “wonderful” news for the conservation of the species, and adding that it was the third birth of giant pandas at Pairi Daiza.

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Posted by Pairi Daiza NL on Tuesday, October 29, 2019


The twins, one male and one female panda, have so far been referred to as “Baby Boy” and “Baby Girl” by caretakers, but Pairi Daizi is now inviting citizens to help pick the cubs’ names.

Respondents of the survey will get to choose between five names for each cub, with options for the female bear including Tian Yi (meaning Joy of Heaven) with Tian Jiao (meaning Pride of Heaven) proposed for the male cub.

Duo names are also an option for the cubs, with the zoo giving two options of corresponding names, including Bao Di for the male cub and Bao Mei for the female, meaning, respectively, little brother and little sister of Tian Bao, the zoo’s other giant panda.

Both pandas will be named on the hundredth day after their birth, according to the zoo, which now houses a total of five giant pandas and is part of an international program led by China working to reintroduce giant pandas into the wild.

Gabriela Galindo
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