Burger King brings plant-based burgers to Belgium

Burger King brings plant-based burgers to Belgium
The 'Impossible Whopper' burgers, made from plants and marketed in the USA, were an enormous success. Credit: Flicker/T. Tseng

The fast food chain Burger King will introduce two burgers with plant-based meat to Belgium and the rest of Europe.

Burger King will offer the 'Rebel Whopper' and the 'Rebel Chicken King' in all of Europe, after the burgers had already been introduced in Sweden before the summer.

The company has followed Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonald's by offering several plant-based alternatives to their original burger menus. According to Burger King, the 'Impossible Whopper' burgers it started offering from April in the USA were an enormous success, reports Het Nieuwsblad.

The company's goal is to develop meat substitutes that resemble real meat as much as possible, in terms of appearance, taste and texture. "The Impossible Whopper is totally Whopper," said Burger King, reports De Standaard. "But without meat. It is just as juicy, seductive and delicious as the original," the company added.

Maïthé Chini

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