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Loose wagon causes train to derail in Liège station

The train derailed just before entering Liege Guillemins station. Credit: © Belga

Rail traffic in and around Liège has been impacted during morning rush hour after a train derailed just before entering the Walloon city’s main station.

Disturbances are expected to last well into the afternoon, with minor delays of up to ten minutes expected in the areas around Liège, namely Verviers and Rivage.

The SNCB/NMBS announced the incident at around 6:15 AM on Twitter, adding that there had been no injuries reported and that the derailed vehicles were empty.

“A self-propelling wagon got loose (…) just before Gare des Guillemins, just where the trains are stationed before departure,” the rail company wrote.

The disturbances are expected to last until at least 4 P.M., and an investigation has been launched to determine the circumstances leading to the incident, Le Soir reports.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times