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Another boar with African swine fever found in Belgium

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A new case of African swine fever was discovered last week at camp Lagland, Arlon, in the infected zone.

The analysis of the remains of an older boar has just reached Céline Tellier’s office, is in charge of the African swine fever outbreak.

The last positive case dated back to August 11, and was found near Saint-Léger.

The fresh discovery doesn’t change anything regarding the management measures taken at the beginning of October, namely a driving ban in the 30,000 hectares of infected Gaume forests in the southeast of Belgium.

The finding will prolong the time it takes to eradicate the disease by several weeks.

“You may consider the virus to be eradicated when 12 months have passed since the discovery of the last infected body. This new case will prolong the delay by a few weeks,” the minister’s spokeswoman, Nathalie Guilmin, explained.

This discovery does not mean however that there will be any changes, either to the sealed zone or other measures taken.

The Brussels Times