Police launch search for elderly man arrested for killing terminally-ill wife
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Police launch search for elderly man arrested for killing terminally-ill wife

Police are looking for Daniel Bordeyne, 79, who disappeared years after being arrested for killing his terminally ill wife in 2012. Credit: Police Fédérale

A police investigation has been launched into the disappearance of a 79-year-old man who was briefly arrested for killing his terminally-ill wife before attempting to commit suicide.

Daniel Bordeyne was imprisoned for two months in 2012 over the murder of his wife, who had been diagnosed with cancer too advanced to treat.

Bordeyne, who was made to undergo therapy after his release and was facing a possible murder trial, has not been seen or heard of since 23 December, Het Nieuwsblad reports.

In January 2012, Bordeyne was found seriously injured in his home in Kontich, near Antwerp, after his neighbour’s alerted the emergency services that something was not right inside the couple’s home.

After finding Bordeyne, police discovered his wife’s body in the house, and the 79-year-old admitted he had slit her throat before attempting to stab himself to death, HLN reports.

The investigation into the events was wrapped up but nearly eight years after the facts, there was no indication of whether Bordeyne would face a murder trial.

Bordeyne’s lawyer, Johan Platteau, said his client was “a good man” and that “nobody” wanted to see him face a criminal court over what Platteau described as “an act of love.”

“He killed her out of love,” Platteau said, adding: “Even the family of his wife showed understanding.”

The Antwerp public prosecutor could not shed any light as to why the file had not been processed for trial, according to HLN.

Police said Bordeyne was thought to have left his home in a dark blue FIAT Bravo between 5:00 PM on 23 December and noon on 25 December, adding that it was not known what he was wearing at the time.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

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