Car remains Belgians’ favourite means of transport

Car remains Belgians’ favourite means of transport

In spite of growing alternative transport solutions and growing environmental mindset, Belgians are still very much attached to their cars as it is used in more than six trips out of ten.

Nearly 20% of those trips are less than five kilometres.

For intercity commuting, the train gets the lead with 56% of shares. For the rest, public transport accounts for 20% of all trips, New Mobility reports.

That being said, the share of cars in all transport means has dropped from 67% in 1999 to 61% today. However, with a growing Belgian demographic, the number of car journeys is still increasing.

Whatever the means, 31% of trips are for leisure, 25% are for shopping, and 19% are for work.

For intercity transport, the train has just beaten the car with 56% of all journeys. Public transport represents 20% of all trips. In Brussels, that number grows to 24%, which equals the journeys walking.

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