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2019 one of the hottest years ever recorded in Belgium

Each month last year, with the exception of January, May and November, had above average temperatures. Credit: Belga

2019 was the fourth hottest year ever recorded in Belgium since statistics began being taken in 1833 by the Royal Meteorological Institute in Brussels, according to a spokesperson at the institute and a statement released on Wednesday.

The average temperature in Brussels last year stood at 11.5°C, and the institute concluded that the year was also “above average in terms of sun and dry air”, Sudinfo reports.

Each single month of last year had above average temperatures, with the exception of January, May and November, who were on average colder compared to previous years.

In addition, 2019 saw some single day records, such as 20.2 °C recorded on 26 February 2019, which was the first time since 1901 that “spring level temperatures” were recorded in Belgium during winter.

Another notable peak last year was on 25 July, when 39.7 °C was recorded in Brussels. The minimum temperature on that day, 23.5 °C, which is also considered a record, with the previous record number standing at 22.3 °C in 2002.

On the other side of the spectrum, the lowest temperature recorded in Belgium last year occurred on 22 January 2019, with -15.9 °C at the Municipality of Bütgenbach, close to the border of Germany.

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