Francken wants tougher Belgian asylum laws

Francken wants tougher Belgian asylum laws
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Measures introduced by Asylum and Migration Minister Maggie De Block, under which asylum seekers will not be received if they are accused of circumventing the rules, run counter to Belgium’s reception law, according to her predecessor in the post, Theo Francken, who wants the 2007 law toughened.

Francken agrees with the opinion of the NGO Vluchtelingwerk that the minister’s measures are illegal, but draws the opposite conclusion.

He announced on Twitter that he would submit a bill this week to parliament to amend the ‘Reception Law’ to rid it of the “abuses”.

However, other solutions are possible, according to the NGO, which provides assistance to refugees.

It proposes a more flexible reception model that can be adapted to the fluctuating arrivals of asylum seekers, and faster processing of applications.

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