Parents demand daycare takes measures after baby returns from China

Parents demand daycare takes measures after baby returns from China
The parents have demanded that the city will take measures. Credit: Belga

The parents of several children going to daycare ‘t Kevertje in the city of Diest are afraid that a different child, who recently returned from China, will infect their children with the coronavirus.

Last weekend, an 11-month-old baby returned from China with his parents. Normally, the baby would return to the daycare today, but the parents of the other children have raised some concerns and demand from the daycare, and from the city that owns it, that measures are taken, reports VRT.

However, according to mayor Christophe De Graef, that is not necessary. “I understand that the other kids’ parents are worried, but sometimes you have to rely on the information you’ve obtained. This has been done through various channels such as the Ministry of Health and the doctors of the Child and Family association. That information is reassuring,” he said, on Radio 2 on Monday morning.

“I talked to the father of the baby for a long time. Huang is a city of 20 million inhabitants, and there are very strict guidelines. He also told me that they were visiting family and never went outside apart from that. They are very respectful people, I really trust their information,” he added.

Maïthé Chini
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