Harassment on the job affects nearly one in five employees

Harassment on the job affects nearly one in five employees

Just under 18% of employees say they have experienced harassment of some kind on the job, according to a poll conducted among more than 20,000 respondents.

The poll was carried out by Attentia, a provider of human resources and related services whose clients represent about 10% of Belgium’s active population. Some 17.92% of respondents indicated that they had been harassed at some point at the workplace. Close to 3% said they were harassed very regularly, according to Attentia, who noted that harassment is among the various psycho-social risks faced at the workplace that can lead to stress and physical pain.

The people who feel most harassed are those in the 25-34 age group, while employees with over 25 years’ service in the same company indicated more often than new employees that they had been harassed: 18.58%.

“New staff are very highly motivated as they launch into their careers and view the work positively,” Evelien Buseyne, in charge of Psycho-Social Wellbeing at Attentia, explained. “They are thus less receptive to possible negative behaviour by colleagues.”

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