Walloon schools still lack high-quality Internet

Walloon schools still lack high-quality Internet
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Wallon schools continue to struggle with outdated access to the internet, despite existing methods to brings the schools up to speed with the rest of the country.

A plan to equip all Walloon educational institutions with up-to-date internet installations already exists, but it is waiting for the go-ahead from Minister Borsus, La Libre Belgique reported on Wednesday.

The Public Service of Wallonia (PSW) has drawn up a plan of action to equip the 3,500 school locations in the Walloon Region with a dual ethernet socket and wi-fi coverage, based on a conclusive test carried out in 200 establishments. The plan is ready to be put into action and has been sent to Borsus. “We are waiting for a response from the minister at the moment,” Jean-Marie Boudrenghien, head of the ‘Digital Schools’ project at PSW, explained without giving any more details.

For the time being, while they await the Walloon administration’s decision, schools wishing to receive help to buy computer equipment can lodge their claim under the new call for ‘Digital School 2020’ projects that ends on March 4.

“However, we will only be able to help 500 of them,” Boudrenghien concluded, himself well aware that this is not enough to enable schools to be at the forefront in this area.

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