Croatian Ambassador to the EU in coronavirus quarantine

Croatian Ambassador to the EU in coronavirus quarantine
Credit: European Union

The Croatian Ambassador to the EU, Irena Andrassy, was placed in quarantine on Friday as a precautionary measure after it was learned that she had been in contact with a Council staff member who was reported to be a carrier of the Covid-19 (coronavirus), which is currently spreading in Europe. The information was confirmed on Friday by the Croatian Minister of Public Health, Vili Beros.

"Our Permanent Representative has been in contact with a person suspected of being infected with the coronavirus", the Minister said at a press conference following an extraordinary meeting of European Health Ministers in Brussels. "She has taken all the necessary measures and I am sure that the same will be done with those who have been in contact with her", he assured.

Irena Andrassy has, according to diplomatic sources, been in contact with a member of the EU Council's Justice and Home Affairs team, who tested positive at Covid-19. The Secretariat of the Council of the EU, the institution in which the Member States are represented, is in the process of listing the persons with whom it has been in contact.

Croatia currently holds the rotating Presidency of the Council, which means that its Permanent Representative is responsible for chairing meetings of Member States' ambassadors in Brussels. Coreper II', where these ambassadors of the 27 Member States meet, plays a key role in preparing the various meetings of EU ministers.

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