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4 in 10 Belgian businesses affected by lack of government

Six months after the Belgian elections, four in ten small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) say the current political situation is affecting their recruitment plans.  

This was reported by only a fifth of these businesses in June, according to the latest SD Worx study published on Saturday.

The human resources service’s study indicates recruitment plans have not changed for the moment as around a third of SMEs are looking to recruit during the first trimester of 2020. 

SD Worx says the lack of growth in employment “could be explained by the current political impasse.” The number of small and medium businesses (less than a hundred employees) that think the situation is having an effect on their recruitment has doubled in six months. 

“We already saw an increase in the number of businesses saying the situation was affecting their recruitment plans back in September. That trend is continuing today as we have gone from two in ten SMEs to four in ten,” says Vassilios Skarlidis, regional SME director at SD Worx. 

“We don’t know if there will be an extension to the ‘target-group first worker reduction’ that was reinforced with the ‘tax shift,’” he explained. 

The poll was based on a December study involving 626 company bosses and personnel managers. 

The Brussels Times