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3 in 4 Belgians want mandatory face masks in businesses

A growing number of people want face masks to be mandatory in supermarkets. Credit: Belga

A survey by various Belgian universities showed that 77% of respondents would like to see an obligation of face masks in supermarkets.

The 14th part of a major study on the coronavirus crisis revealed on Thursday showed that a large majority of respondents would like to see this obligation applied to customers, as well as to staff in supermarkets and other businesses.

The survey was completed on Tuesday by 27,000 people and focused on the wearing of masks and the holiday plans of children and young people.

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While 77% (+16% since the beginning of June) of respondents would like to see mandatory face masks for supermarket customers, the figure rises to 83% (+8%) when it comes to staff.

Respondents are also increasingly in favour of making face masks mandatory in other types of shops, both for customers (70%) and staff (76%). The absence of mandatory mask wearing in the workplace and on the street does not seem to cause any more anxiety among respondents.

People directly affected by the virus recognise the usefulness of wearing a face mask more than before. The number of respondents reporting coronavirus symptoms but not wearing a mask is declining. In addition, young people are becoming more aware of the importance of face masks.

The results of the survey also show that the majority of children between the ages of 6 and 17 have holiday plans. More than half (65%) will go away with their families. One in three youngsters will go to a sports camp and one in four will go to a camp organised by a youth movement. In addition, 20% of children and young people say they will spend time with their grandparents.

The Universities of Antwerp, Hasselt and Leuven and the Free University of Brussels (ULB) led the study together.

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