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Summer youth camps were mostly spared from coronavirus

Credit: Belga

Less than two in 1,000 Flemish youth camps this summer were struck by coronavirus infections, Flemish Minister for Youth Benjamin Dalle said.

Out of 23,600 youth activities that took place, only 46 saw a case of coronavirus.

At the end of May, despite the health crisis, the go-ahead was given for activities to continue during the summer months, such as playground activities and camps.

Tight protocols were worked out for these activities, including limits of 50 children per camp and strict hygiene regulations, and far-away camps abroad were scrapped.

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During all these activities, 58 cases were reported, according to Dalle, of which 25 were reported during the activity and 21 after the event.

Twelve youth activities were cancelled on a preventive basis. Of all youth activities that took place this summer, only 0.194% were affected by the coronavirus. In most affected camps, there was only one infection.

As the summer camps went well, youth activities can continue with the 50-person cap in place. If the situation changes from code yellow to orange, nothing will change for children up to the age of twelve.

After that age, the so-called bubbles for indoor activities will be reduced to a maximum of 20 people.

For outdoor activities, the bubbles will be limited to a maximum of 50, even for children older than twelve years of age.

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