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Belgium’s contact tracing app will be ready this month

Credit: Belga

Belgium’s contact tracing app will be made available to a first group 10,000 people to try out shortly after 10 September, when the current testing phase ends.

The contact tracing app in the fight against the coronavirus will be ready in a few days, Interfederal Committee Testing & Tracing chairman Karine Moykens told Radio 1 on Thursday.

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The app will be completely voluntary and should be able to warn and encourage citizens to get tested and/or go into quarantine after having had a high-risk contact. The app will work via bluetooth with decentralised data storage, meaning it will not be managed in one central place.

According to Moykens, privacy would be guaranteed. “We have opted for the most secure system,” she says. “In addition to Germany, it is also used in the Netherlands and Switzerland. We are not going to reinvent the wheel,” she said.

The Brussels Times