'Show trial': Marc Van Ranst rants on Twitter over lawsuit

'Show trial': Marc Van Ranst rants on Twitter over lawsuit
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Marc Van Ranst believes that the only purpose of an ongoing lawsuit against him is to make him lose time and money, the Belgian virologist said on Twitter following the first hearing on Monday.

A prevalent commentator, Van Ranst stands accused of having made “reckless statements” that caused economic damage and confusion among the population, according to entrepreneur Rudi De Kerpel and five other company managers who started a petition against him at the end of August.

Following the first hearing, however, Van Ranst has once again taken to Twitter to point out his multiple issues with what he calls a "show trial to bully me."

“Today was the first hearing of the lawsuit that Rudi De Kerpel (N-VA, government commissioner VRT) brought against me before the Court of First Instance. According to him, his factory of plastic cups in Deinze would have suffered a loss because of me. De Kerpel claims €5,000,” Van Ranst started.

“His top lawyer Walter Damen showed up half an hour late for the hearing, then asked for a postponement until 3/11 because he had not yet had time to prepare for the pleadings. In front of the camera of VTM News master Damen was suddenly able to plead.”

“In my opinion, the only purpose of this court case is to make me lose time and money. De Kerpel and Damen are abusing the court here to use a show trial to bully me,” he said. “By the way, De Kerpel is no stranger to bullying behaviour. On twitter he invariably taunts me as "Rat".

"Via their website http://wijzijnboos.be," which translates as We Are Angry, "the 6 CEOs (Tom De Bruyckere -Bart Deconinck - Rudi De Kerpel - Philip Nichelson - Tanguy Van Quickenborne - Patrick Vermaerke) are asking citizens to give them financial support to pay for their lawsuit against me," Van Ranst continued.

Upon receiving the subpoena, Van Ranst had commented that “everyone is free to subpoena anyone, but I’m not worried. They’d be better off suing the virus, then they’d have a better chance of winning a lawsuit.”

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