Covid-19: Paris closes bars, reduces capacity for shopping centres
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Covid-19: Paris closes bars, reduces capacity for shopping centres

Credit: Belga

Due to coronavirus, bars in Paris and its inner suburbs will have to close from Tuesday for two weeks, the Paris police prefect said Monday.

The city was placed on maximum alert and a series of new restrictions was announced.

Unlike bars, restaurants will remain open at “usual hours” if they respect the new sanitary protocol, added Paris prefect Didier Lallement.

On the other hand, a “gauge” will be set up in shopping centres and department stores to monitor the “number of people who may pass each other,” the prefect said. These shops “will have to accommodate a maximum of one customer for every four square metres,” he added.

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Fairs and exhibition centres will also have to close, the prefect announced. This means that congresses, trade fairs or circus performances under circus tents “will not be able to be held in the next fortnight”, the prefect said.

Regarding sports activities, the swimming pools will be closed from Tuesday for adults, but will remain open to minors “whether in a school, association or private setting,” Lallement said. Sports and fitness rooms will remain closed.

On the other hand, “all outdoor facilities,” stadiums, training grounds, “may remain open provided that they gather less than 1,000 people or 50% of their maximum capacity if it is less than this figure of 1,000 people,” the prefect said.

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