Belgium’s list of red travel zones expands again from Friday

Belgium’s list of red travel zones expands again from Friday
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More regions in Europe will become red travel zones for travellers from Belgium this week, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Wednesday.

This means that Belgium will require travellers returning from these zones to be tested and quarantined from Friday 9 October at 4:00 PM. Non-essential travel to red-zone destinations is no longer forbidden, but only “strongly discouraged.”

In Portugal, the north and the Algarve will be given a code red, as will the Spanish island of Tenerife, which was coloured orange until now. Some regions in Hungary and Ireland are turning red as well.

The Netherlands, too, is almost completely red as Friesland, Drenthe and Overijssel join the list of red zones.

Only Zeeland, which borders with Belgium, remains orange. Belgian authorities recommend increased vigilance upon travel there and point out that people travelling from certain parts of Belgium (Antwerp, Brussels and the provinces of Walloon Brabant and Liège) will have to quarantine on arrival.

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France’s so-called départements are all coloured red or orange. A similar situation can be seen in the United Kingdom.

Poland colours orange, with the city of Gdansk, in the north of the country, coded red.

In Switzerland, Geneva and Basel turn orange, and Slovakia is now an orange zone in its entirety.

Advice for all regions can be found on this website. The map on the website shows the colour of the travel advice to a country. Clicking on a region will display the conditions applicable when returning to Belgium.

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