Belgian 'Coronalert' app downloaded nearly 1 million times

Belgian 'Coronalert' app downloaded nearly 1 million times
Credit: Belga

Coronalert, Belgium’s application aiming to stop the spread of coronavirus, has been downloaded more than 970,000 times since its launch on Wednesday 30 September, Professor Bart Preneel, one of the application's developers, told Belga News Agency on Monday.

Downloadable via iOS or Android, Coronalert works with green and red screens. A green screen means that the user has a low risk and has not had any high-risk contacts. Otherwise, the application will display a red screen.

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The tool allows you to keep an anonymous record of contacts. When a doctor prescribes a test, the user receives a code that can be linked to the test result in the application. In case of a positive result, the person receives it via the application and can notify anyone they have come into contact with.

"The increasing numbers show the importance of tracing contacts. The application is a very important part of this," said Carmen De Rudder, spokesperson for the Flemish Ministry of Welfare, Public Health and Family.

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