Coronalert tracing app respects all privacy rules, crisis centre assures

Coronalert tracing app respects all privacy rules, crisis centre assures
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Coronalert, Belgium’s coronavirus contact tracing application, respects all applicable privacy regulations, said Crisis Centre spokesman Yves Stevens at a press conference on Wednesday.

"This application can literally be of vital importance. So take your responsibility and install this tool on your smartphone," he said.

His statement follows the news that Vlaams Belang President Tom Van Grieken said that he would not install Coronalert on his smartphone because has “no confidence in the Belgian state.”

Stevens stressed that the privacy rules are being followed. "This has also been extensively tested and confirmed by several authorities,” he said. Stevens pointed out that Coronalert does not use geolocation - "so you are not constantly monitored" - nor does the app use personal data.

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Coronalert has now been downloaded by more than a million people, "about 15% of smartphone users.” Anyone using Coronalert should remember to turn on Bluetooth when they leave the house.

Stevens also emphasised that all coronavirus measures are complementary. "It is not because you downloaded the app that you no longer have to respect other measures, such as keeping your distance,” he said.

"A measure is only effective if it is applied in combination with the other measures in force. This is the only way we will be able to” increase protection against Covid-19.

Belgium's coronavirus app is available on the majority of mobile devices. For more information, and to get the app, click here.

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