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No Christmas Eve curfew? Elio Di Rupo hints at relaxation

Credit: Pixabay

The curfew in Wallonia could be relaxed on Christmas Eve, Walloon minister-president Elio Di Rupo said on the set of “Jeudi en prime” on Thursday, ahead of a Consultative Committee meeting scheduled for 1:00 PM on Friday.

“Christmas is a hyper-affective family celebration. We have to find a solution,” Di Rupo said.

In Wallonia, the curfew applies from 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM, as it does in Brussels. On the night of 24-25 December, the measure could be relaxed.

On the other hand, Di Rupo has ruled out an exception for New Year’s Eve, a “festive” event. In doing so, he implicitly confirmed an extension of the curfew beyond 13 December.

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Households could also accommodate more than one person in their home for Christmas. Di Rupo mentioned the possibility of having 2, 3 or even 4 people in your home but “don’t imagine that you could accept 10 people,” he added.

At a federal level, such relaxations should not be expected, however, as Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has said that he does not want to ruin “four weeks of progress in four days.”

With that said, click here for an overview of what to expect from the Consultative Committee meeting today.

Jason Spinks
The Brussels Times