New Covid-19 campaign tackles Belgians' sense of community

New Covid-19 campaign tackles Belgians' sense of community
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Belgium has launched a campaign to improve the sense of community among Belgians in an effort to fight the spread of the coronavirus, National Crisis Centre spokesperson Yves Stevens announced at a crisis centre press briefing on Friday.

The goal of the campaign is to motivate all citizens to persevere and fight as a true team of 11 million Belgians to defeat the coronavirus as, while the coronavirus figures have been dropping, the country is still facing a different period.

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The campaign includes a TV commercial shot in the King Baudoin stadium, playing on Belgium’s Red Devils, the national soccer team.

"In a team you never let each other down, because that's a real team. You never let go of each other,” the commercial said. The commercial is also being circulated on social media and was shared by Prime Minister Alexander De Croo on Twitter.

De Croo has already referred to the country as a team of 11 million Belgians before, during the Consultative Committee press conference on 23 October, a week before announcing that Belgium would go back into lockdown.

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