Coronavirus epidemic grows in 7 Belgian provinces

Coronavirus epidemic grows in 7 Belgian provinces
Credit: Belga

The coronavirus epidemic is growing in seven of Belgium’s ten provinces, figures by Sciensano published on Tuesday show.

As a whole, Belgium’s reproduction rate (Rt) stands at 0.97, which means that someone infected with Covid-19 infects less than one other person on average, but only three provinces have not seen their Rt rise above 1.0.

In Flanders, all provinces except Flemish Brabant (0.926) have reproduction rates above 1, with the highest rate in the region observed in the province of Antwerp (1.118).

The province is followed by West Flanders (1.081), East Flanders (1.080) and Limburg (1.065).

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In Wallonia, the provinces of Namur (1.089), Walloon Brabant (1.046) and Hainaut (1.019) have reproduction rates above 1.

The German-speaking community, meanwhile, is recording an Rt of 1.326, while Brussels remains just below 1 at 0.949.

The average number of daily new coronavirus cases in Belgium has risen for the third day in a row, totaling 609,211 as of Tuesday.

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