Van Ranst suspects additional coronavirus measures, ‘could include hard lockdown’
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Van Ranst suspects additional coronavirus measures, ‘could include hard lockdown’

Credit: Belga

Reversing the rising trend in coronavirus figures will require stricter measures, according to virologist Marc Van Ranst, who said this could happen this week and could include imposing a hard lockdown.

Although he welcomed the stricter rules imposed in schools, he warned more general measures could be imposed this week, during an interview with VTM News.

“A hard lockdown cannot be ruled out, no matter how unpleasant everyone thinks this is. But at a certain point you have no choice but to take difficult measures,” Van Ranst said.

He explained that the schools have already been singled out, but that it should be tackled in a broader way in society, adding that “the increase we are seeing now is so bad that you will not solve it by picking out one sector and imposing some measures there.”

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He believes the sooner the situation is reversed in Belgium, the better, but that the country must consider coronavirus fighting measures similar to those in neighbouring countries, including Germany and France, where 15 departments, including Paris, were recently placed in a four-week lockdown.

“It is up to politicians to put together a package of measures that can counter the rising trend, but the longer one waits, the more difficult that becomes, and the more drastic the measures will then have to be,” he said.

The Consultative Committee previously met last Friday, one week earlier than planned, to re-evaluate the planned measures for April.

Lauren Walker
The Brussels Times