Over half of all people in Belgium fully vaccinated

Over half of all people in Belgium fully vaccinated
Credit: Belga

Over half of all people living in Belgium (50.3%) have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, according to Public Health Institute Sciensano's latest figures.

This percentage amounts to almost 5.8 million people, whilst around 7.83 million, or just under 68% of the entire population, have received at least a first dose.

In Flanders, the vaccine coverage rate is the highest, as 65% of all adults have received both doses, and around 52% of the entire population is fully protected.

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In the region's footsteps are the German-speaking region and Wallonia, where 64% and 63% of the adult population has been fully vaccinated.

The Brussels Capital Region is lagging behind, as only 48% of its adults have been fully vaccinated, whilst just 60% of adults have received a first dose, raising fears that the vaccination coverage rate in the region may not reach the initial 70% goal.

When comparing ages, the coverage rate is highest among those aged between 75 and 84 (91% are fully vaccinated), whilst in the 18 to 34 age group, just 30% have been fully vaccinated, but 70% have already been given a first dose. When it comes to those aged under 17, around 212,000 have received a first dose.

Sciensano didn't update its figures on hospitalisation as a result of National Day, however, on Thursday afternoon it updated its vaccination figures.

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