J&J says second vaccine dose boosts efficacy to 94%

J&J says second vaccine dose boosts efficacy to 94%
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A second dose of Johnson & Johnson's coronavirus vaccine significantly increases the level of protection against the coronavirus, the manufacturer said on Tuesday.

While previous clinical trials show that a single injection of the adenovirus vaccine provides 67% protection against "moderate to severe" forms of Covid-19, a second dose of the serum would boost its effectiveness to 94%, according to a new study by pharmaceutical company Janssen. However, the research has not yet been peer-reviewed.

Johnson & Johnson published the first results of the study on Tuesday. According to the manufacturer, people who receive a second dose produce significantly more antibodies than those who only received one dose. The vaccine produced by Janssen is so far the only coronavirus serum approved in Europe that is administered in a single dose.

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Some 30,000 people took part in the study. The side effects were similar to those observed with a first dose, the company said. In very rare cases, these included the occurrence of post-vaccination thrombosis, accompanied by a drop in blood platelets.

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