Belgian holidaymakers’ expectations are changing

Belgian holidaymakers’ expectations are changing

Recent research by Club Med and Skift1 has shown that travellers have new expectations today. These findings have also been confirmed by other major players in the travel and tourism sector.

Holidaymakers want a unique total experience with variety. 62% prefer to choose a single destination, where they can enjoy a lot of different experiences. This also applies to winter sports holidays, which are being referred to more and more often as ‘mountain holidays’.

Skiing is still an important part of this kind of holiday, for travellers from Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg too, but there are also other reasons for choosing the mountains. People want to spend time surrounded by nature, explore spectacular landscapes, recharge mentally and physically, leave the daily grind far behind, and spend quality time with family.

This trend was confirmed in the latest Skift report on the evolution in winter tourism and ski holidays, which demonstrates that, although 80% of Belgian holidaymakers head to the mountains to ski, 46% of this group also want to enjoy other wellness activities and 46% name food and wine as an additional motivating factor.


At the same time, the study shows that people want to take a conscious break from their daily routine and make a ‘digital detox’. They are actively looking for a different pace of life during their holidays, in order to make more time for themselves, their partner, their children or their friends.

When asked “What your priority is when choosing a holiday destination? Belgian travellers resolutely answered: “relax”, spend “quality time with partner and children,” and “discover the local culture”.

Sustainable travel a priority for holidaymakers worldwide

The third and final trend within holiday expectations is the increasing importance of the ecological aspect. 52% of all travellers are prepared to change their travel behaviour if that means they can holiday more sustainably. 72% are looking for authentic experiences that allow them to immerse themselves in the traditional local culture.

According to the Europ Assistance Summer Holidays Barometer 2019, which studies Europeans’ travel plans, Belgians attach a lot of importance to their ecological footprint. In Belgium, our impact on the environment has become an essential consideration when choosing a holiday destination.

“Our impact on the environment must be kept to a minimum and we do everything we can to protect the biodiversity at our resorts. This is the only way to guarantee our customers a sustainable holiday,” says Xavier Mufraggi Director for Club Med in Europe and Africa.

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