Police will not carry out fixed checks on travel ban

Police will not carry out fixed checks on travel ban
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Police do not intend to carry out fixed checks on compliance with the travel ban, the federal police said on Wednesday.

Instead, the road, air and rail police will instead carry out random checks at various border crossings, they said.

Non-essential journeys have been banned since today, with travelling abroad only allowed under certain conditions - for professional reasons, family reasons or for people living near the border regions.

Anyone leaving on a trip must also complete a sworn statement declaring that it falls under a category of journeys that are considered essential, in addition to the Passenger Locator Form (PLF).

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The federal police will therefore take steps to monitor compliance with such a ban. However, the aim is not to carry out fixed checks. On the contrary, the various police forces will carry out random checks during peaks such as the start of the Carnival holidays.

These checks will be carried out in similar proportions to those carried out so far to check whether the form has been filled in correctly, says the federal police.

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