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Brussels attacks: victims take Belgian state to court

Credit: Belga

Belgium is being taken to court by 19 victims of the terror attacks on Brussels Airport and Maelbeek metro station on 22 March 2016.

“We accuse the government of a lack of information, a lack of help and inadequate legislation,” said Nic Reynaert, the victims’ lawyer and a victim himself.

Reynaert’s own case is starting on Monday, five years to the day of the attacks, and will be followed on 19 April by the cases of ten victims before the Dutch-speaking Court of First Instance.

The other nine cases will begin at the French-speaking Court of First Instance on 11 May.

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“I will win. No doubt,” said Reynaert, who was in the metro carriage behind the one where the bomb exploded, adding that he was “still suffering from it in every area,” clarifying that his suffering is both physical and psychological.

Besides the three suicide bombers, 32 people died in the attacks at Brussels Airport and Maelbeek, and 340 people were injured.

Some of the other victims are also being helped by Reynaert, who said that “if there is an attack tomorrow, people will be in the same boat again. That is why we are doing it, to avoid that in the future.”

Jason Spinks
The Brussels Times