Terrorist threat – the man arrested in Greece handed to Belgium

Omar D., the 33 year old Algerian arrested in Athens during the investigation into the dismantled terrorist cell in Verviers, was handed to Belgium on Wednesday evening. This information was released by the federal Prosecutor’s Office, and confirms a report in La Dernière Heure. He will appear before an investigation judge on Thursday. The federal Prosecutor’s Office will not give any more information until it has been decided whether or not to place Omar D. under arrest in Belgium. Omar D. was arrested in Athens along with another man on the 17th of January, two days after federal police dismantled a terrorist cell in Verviers. The cell was said to be planning attacks on police officers and police stations. Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who is considered the brains of the organization, is thought to be in Greece, and sends his instructions from there.

Omar D. called a suspected jihadist who is in prison in Belgium three or four times while in Athens. The suspect admitted making these calls as he knows the prisoner, but denies the charges against him. He is not against being handed to Belgium.

(Source: Belga)

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