Belgian Courts will referee a football financing case

Belgian Courts will referee a football financing case

The Doyen Sports Investment Fund, supported by the Seraing football club (D2) has just submitted a complaint against Football authorities with the French-speaking Brussels Trade Tribunal. Among those the fund and club are targeting are none other than the International Football Federation (Fifa), the European Football Union (UEFA) and the Belgian Union (URBSFA), the L’Echo reported on Wednesday. The Doyen Sports fund, which deals in third parties owning players, signed a convention with the Seraing RFC, saying it will lend it money. But since the start of January, a directive adopted by Fifa at the request of UEFA has stopped this practice. The directive is also applied by the Belgian Union.

The fund and club are asking for the rule to be suspended while the issue is being dealt with.

(Source: Belga) 

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