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A presumed banned weapons dealer arrested in Verviers

A 25 year old Verviers resident suspected of selling banned weapons in his night-shop in Verviers was sent before the Liège Prosecutor’s office on Sunday, a magistrate said.

After a fight which involved banned weapons, one of those involved gave up the name of the night-shop where he bought his weapon. The police then went to the shop to arrest the owner. The owner first of all denied being involved in the sales, before finally confessing.

 Once there, the inspectors seized a pepper spray, six tear-gas sprays, twelve stun batons and fifteen flashlight Tasers.

After being questioned by investigators, the suspect explained that he sold these weapons to people who wanted to defend themselves. He refused to give his supplier’s name.

While in custody, the Verviers resident will appear in front of the Correctional Tribunal during an accelerated court case for possessing and selling banned weapons with no legitimate reason.

(Source: Belga)