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Two other Belgians suspected of the murder of a Dutchman

Two men in their thirties from Beringen (Limburg) were arrested by the Eastern Brabant police on Thursday. The arrests were part of the investigation into the death of Jan van Mosselveld. The 41 year old Dutchman was shot dead in his home on Wednesday the 22nd of August 2011. He lived not far from the Belgian border. Earlier in the week, another Belgian named Avni K. (35) was arrested due to DNA evidence.

The two men from Beringen handed themselves in to the Dutch police. They were accompanied by a lawyer, and admitted being involved. Three people are now in custody. The Hasselt instruction judge has not decided whether Avni K. will be handed over to the Dutch authorities.

The investigation into Jan van Mosselveld’s death continues, and the team has not ruled out more arrests. 15 years ago, police said the victim was involved in drug trafficking.

(Source: Belga)