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Wilmès ready to resign without majority backing

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Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès is ready to resign if she doesn’t re-obtain the confidence of a majority in Parliament, she tells La Première on Monday.

In mid-March, the Wilmès government, despite its minority composition (38 seats out of 150 in the House), received the confidence of nine parties to address the health crisis. The Prime Minister had indicated that she would reapply for confidence six months later, on 17 September.

“I do not rule out resigning,” Wilmès said. “If all the parties express that they do not wish to renew confidence in the government, we must take responsibility. I don’t have a problem doing that, it’s democracy,” she added.

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On Sunday evening, Egbert Lachaert – the leader of the Flemish liberal party and the 12th person to be appointed to try and form a government – brought together the presidents of the parties likely to form a Vivaldi coalition. That’s a government consisting of liberals, socialists, greens and Christian democrats, with the party colours representing the four seasons, like the Vivaldi piece.

Wilmès, who could be part of such a government, commented that “this is a delicate moment,” and that she had no “career plan.”

That said, she “will always be ready to work on a positive project for Belgium. My preference is for a majority government that includes a recovery plan in its agreement,” she explained on Radio 1.

Jason Spinks
The Brussels Times